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The wonderful

Paros Island

The wonderful

Paros Island

The wonderful

Paros Island

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Sightseeing in Paros

Paros Beaches

Well known beaches of Paros Island in Cyclades, Greece


Livadia beach is the most central beach in Paros as it is located just 700 meters from the port of Parikia. Livadia is a very long beach, separated in different sections, organized with umbrellas and beach bars and no-organized as well. The main street along the beach provides with many grocery stores, tavernas, cafes, hotels and mini markets.


Located opposite from Parikia port, Krios is a small sandy beach is accessible by car or boat and provides with tavernas, bars, camping and numerous activities. You can find there organized camping, taverns, bars, beach volley and other activities. The view towards Parikia port is beautiful and Krios beach has a sheltered location from the strong “Meltemi” winds that take place sometimes during the summer.

Agia Irini

Agia Irini is a small sandy beach south-west of Parikia. The palm trees make this bay particularly scenic. This is a beach to relax away from the crowd. Agia Irini is consisted of two small beaches, one lined with palm trees and the other shaded by tamarisks and there are some tavernas as well.


This is a long beach with golden sand and crystal clear waters, fed by underground springs and definitely the finest beach near Parikia town in Paros. From the beach there is a great view across the port of Parikia and there are numerous beach and fully organized spots with sunbeds and umbrellas.

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This is a big wide stretch of sandy beach with a campsite at the north end. It can be very windy here on days when the “Meltemi” windsblow straight in, but it is perfect for body surfing as the waves can get extremely high. The beach is fully equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas at one end near the bar and restaurant, while the southern half, is more tranquil with tamarisk trees providing shade.


A small beach with turquoise-coloured water and a charming little beach bars and tavernas. Around 500 metres from the shore is a small underwater cave. This is a relaxed and friendly beach, popular among locals. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available.


Kolimbithres is a quitet, small and scenic rocky beach in the western part of Naoussa, with beautiful view towards Naoussa bay. You can go there either by taxi-boat from the port of Naoussa or by car. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available and the area is served by a number of busy tavernas The scene is rocky and quite different from the sandy beaches you would normally expect in Paros, consisted of a series of small sandy coves separated by strange and very beautiful wind and wave sculpted rock formations.


Located 2 kilometers away from Kolymbithres beach, west of Naoussa town in Paros, Monastiri or also called Agios Ioannis Detas, is a long sandy coast among rocks. The beach itself is a wide stretch of golden sand set in a magical bay, sheltered from the winds by high rocky hills. This is a perfect beach for children as the sea is very shallow for 40 or 50 metres from the shore. There are sunbeds provided, as well as watersports on the other saide of the bay. Monastiri beach is accessible by small ferry from Naoussa town or by road.


Piperi is the central beach of Naoussa town ins Paros and just only 250 meters away from the Naoussa port. It is suitable for swimming and sunbathing and is located between imposing rocks, offering an amazing view.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria beach is set in the Eastern coast of Paros island, near Naoussa town and includes many little sandy beaches. Santa maria beach is accessible by car or by boat. The main beach is known as Santa Maria Surfing Camping Beach and provides with numerous bars, tavernas and watersports as well. This is a long wide expanse of golden sand and despite being one of the most popular beaches on the island due to its’ size, it never seems to get too crowded, even during the summer months.

Golden Beach - New Golden Beach

It is one of the most famous and longest beaches of Paros in the south-east part and you can visit it by bus or by car. It is a very long and wide sandy beach, with spotless waters and became famous because it offers ideal weather conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing. Here every summer the World Cup of Professional Windsurfing takes place and for this reason it is well organized. It is a fully organized beach with many restaurants and beach bars.


Molos beach is located near the village of Marmara in the Eastern coast of the island and you should visit it by car because the bus station is far away. It is a beautiful beach, with deep crystal waters and offers unique view to the island of Naxos. This is one of a number of small beaches close to the village of Marmara. Deep blue sea and soft golden sand are the attractions here, as is the fact that due to their relative isolation they are always calm for those who seek quietness.


Located 600 meteres south of Piso Livadi village, Logaras beach is fringed with tamarisk trees and backed by a number of tavernas specializing in fresh fish and local dishes. This is a tranquil beach for those who prefer to relax and taste greek seafood specialities.


Right in the town Aliki’s beach is a perfect place for families, as you have total visibility of the beach, while enjoying something to eat or drink in one of the beachfront tavernas. It enjoys a great view over the bay of Aliki with dozens of small fishing boats around. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas but the beach has easy access to shops and tavernas.


An idyllic stretch of sand sheltered from the north winds, this beach is totally undeveloped and relatively unknown. There are great views to Antiparos and the small islets in between. Voutakos is accessible only by car or a very infrequent bus service from Parikia or Pounda and ideal for those who look for calm and quiet beaches in Paros.

Punda beach

Punda beach is located in the south-east part of the island and is very popular for the ongoing party that is organized on the beach. It is relatively small in size but very beautiful, because it will remind you of tropical and exotic places. It is always over-crowded, especially by young people, that enjoy partying and extreme sports such as bungee jumping. You can go there by bus or by car. This is a beach made from beautiful deep caramel coloured sand, a beach for watersport enthusiasts. The school here is renowned throughout Greece as one of the best places for kite and windsurfing.

Paros Sightseeing

Places to see in Paros

Church of Ekatontapliani

Located in Parikia, just 200 meters away from the port, this is the most imposing church in the Cyclades and one of the most important in Greece, approximately 1.600 years old. On the 15th of August its nameday ( and a public holiday) is celebrated with a lot of festivities. Its history begins in the 4th century AD. During her search for the Holy Cross, Saint Helen stopped in Paros and prayed in a small shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary, promising that if she found the Holy Cross, then she would built a grand church in the Holy Mother’s name. This promise was kept by her son Emperor Constantine the Great.The Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani also houses the Ecclesiastical Museum, which displays rare ecclesiastical artwork, wood carvings and heirlooms from the Byzantine Era

Archaeological Museum

The museum is located just behind the church of Ekatontapiliani. A fragment of the 3rd-century Parian Chronicle is the most important exhibit - next to many other interesting findings. The Archaeological Museum in Parikia displays a variety of objects from the Neolithic Era, the Archaic Period, the Classical Period and the Roman Era, such as pottery, marble idols, grave stones, inscriptions, marbles etc.

Frankish Castle

The Frankish Castle in Parikia was built in the 13th century, by the Duke of Naxos Marco Sanudo, during the Venetian Rule of the island. It had incorporated parts of Archaic and Classical Temples, of which only a section of the Archaic Temple of Athena still exists. Inside the castle there are small chapels that are built into castle walls.

Sanctuary of Asklipios

On Agia Anna Hill, located a short distance from Parikia, is the Sanctuary of the god of medicine, Asklipios. The sanctuary was built in the 4th century BC, around a spring. Remains of the Temple of Pythios Apollo also exist in the area.

The Delion Sanctuary

Approximately 1 kilometer from Parikia, up on a hill, is the Delion Sanctuary. The temple was the place of worship of the god Apollo of Delios. The original structure was built in the 9th – 8th century BC. Later on, in the 5th century BC, a new temple dedicated to Artemis was also built.

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The butterfly valley

The Butterfly Valley in Psychopiana, approximately 6 kilometers from Parikia, is the finest natural site on Paros Island. It is an area of lush vegetation and running waters. Visitors are amazed by this fairy tale land, where thousands of butterflies flutter all around, creating a breathtaking image. You should visit the butterflies during summer.

The Venetian Castle in Naoussa

The Venetian Castle can be found at the northern edge of the port of Naoussa. It was built in the 15th century by the Venetian Dynasty Sommaripa. Today, it is half-sunken beneath the surface of the sea. The port of Naoussa was once a safe haven for the pirates that pillaged the island.

Acropolis of Kolimbithres

The Acropolis, located in Koukounaries, above Kolimbithres Beach, was constructed in the 13th century BC. After the Acropolis was destroyed by an earthquake, a Geometric settlement was built on the same spot in the 10th century BC and became a significant city till the Archaic Period. Visitors who make the effort to reach the site are awarded with a superb view.

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